About SMG

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For over 45 years Source Music Group has served the national and international music markets with flawless audio production, powerful songwriting and intrinsic performance.  The brainchild of John Bellamy and further enhanced by the creative vision of Anthony Stephens, SMG was founded by musicians for musicians, SMG boasts an extensive catalogue of high quality tracks available for immediate licensing and download. An SMG platinum Grammy-winning  song, “You’ve Got the Love”, both for the 80’s / 90’s  originally done by The Source featuring Candi Station with recent covers by Florence & The Machine and Joss Stone, has sold more than 31 million units in the domestic and international market.

From film and television shows, to video games and commercials, Source Music Group has  contributed hundreds of licenses in over 20 variations to movies, TV and major ad campaigns. These have included TV’s  “Dancing With The Stars“, “Live on letterman“, “Grey’s Anatomy“,  “Sex And The City” (HBO series grand finale), and movies “Layer Cake“ and “Youth”. Ad campaigns include: Mitsubishi, Nascar, DSW, Zales Jewelers, Victoria Secrets and numerous others.

 The founders Anthony Stephens and John Bellamy, have been contributing to and involved with the music industry since the 60’s.  Anthony Stephens accompanied a range of popular soul acts including Johnny Taylor , Tyrone Davis, Al Green and others, and has written for several artists spanning a variety of genres from the The Dells and Candi Staton to Joss Stone and Florence Welch. John Bellamy has a successful background in business working with such luminaries as Dick Gregory, George Foreman, Wesley Snipes and others. His artistic successes are just as accomplished with TV productions including “Celebration of Life: Martin Luther King Jr. at the Kennedy Center“ Journey’s in Black featuring Kirk Franklin, and many others. Since partnering for publishing Anthony Stephens and John Bellamy have successfully issued many licenses across a broad spectrum of media platforms.  These run the gamut from the major advertising campaigns including “ Toyota “ to include film and video games such as “Rock Band“ and “Nintendo Swerve”. TV licenses include “American Idol“, “America’s Got Talent“ and many others.

Source Music Group has over the years expanded it’s production staff to include new and different affiliated production teams increasing both it’s variety and creativity for an even brighter future. Let SMG assist you in managing your licensing needs.